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Chess for kids in SD - Chess Minds in Motion

Chess for kids in SD


There are plenty of venues to explore chess in San Diego.  It is amazing to actually see the number of students who know the basics of the Royal Game.  In San Diego many students will have a chance to experience chess at some point.

Most kids are introduced to chess at scholastic after school enrichment programs.  These programs teach students how to play a game of chess, from learning how the pieces move to check mates, tactics, and strategies.

“Searching for Bobby Fischer” is a great film for anyone interested in chess. It’s a movie about a 7 year old chess prodigy, set in New York, with actors Ben Kingsley and Lawrence Fishburne.  It’s a must-watch movie with the family if the kids are into chess and ready to take their first steps into tournament chess.

At the San Diego Chess Club we run a fantastic kids’ club that meets every Friday evening from 6:30-9:00 pm.  Participation is open to grades K-12, from beginner to seasoned tournament player. Some of the strongest kids in San Diego stop by on a regular basis.  There are no membership requirements, only a modest $10 drop in fee, and plenty of fun for all students.

Most students who become scholastic tournament players take either group or private lessons.  We work on chess during the week and try to play tournaments at every opportunity.   There are many good instructors in San Diego. Don’t be afraid to ask about their credentials, their role in the chess community, and verify their recommendations.  It is a small community, please reach out if you have any concerns.

There are plenty of online resources for students.  One that we recommend is chess.com

Feel free to email if you have any questions!


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